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My organisational abilities are being tested to the max at the moment as I try to fit 36 hours into every 24!  Whilst I try to set up Fabric, I am also busy finishing off the decoration of my lovely house in St Agnes that I bought nearly 2 years ago and have remodelled and restored.  I am anxious to get the final bits of painting and DIY done and so last week was spent covered in paint, with an aching back and sore arms!  As with all older properties, it is a bit like the Forth Bridge and I suspect my work will never be done!

Alongside this, I have been extremely busy in my role as Director of Samaritans of Cornwall at Truro.  This is a role that unexpectedly came my way in November and is proving incredibly interesting and very demanding!  I have always found my role as a Listening Volunteer with the Branch extremely rewarding, but the opportunity to become more involved in running our Branch and also the wider organisation was something I could not miss, and I am so glad I agreed to take up the challenge.  I am learning so much every day and finding skills I didn’t know I possessed (or at least I think I have these skills!)  This weekend I am off ‘up country’ (at least north of Bristol!) to learn about being a Director.  The training offered by Samaritans is second to none, and puts many of the organisations I have been paid to work for to shame.

So I have not spent as much time as I would have liked promoting Fabric, but I hope to remedy that over the next few weeks, and how have a Facebook page – Fabric Business Services.  If you are into Social Media, please visit the page and like it!


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