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Change is often difficult but is always necessary.  If we look at those organisations who have stood the test of time, they are the ones who have adapted and updated what they sell, how they sell, how they make their product and how they operate.  Now more than ever, with the speed of change, companies large and small must be ready to rethink all aspects of their operation.

Most people are not averse to change, just frightened by it and unsure how to adapt.  With the right approach, open discussion and communication and a willingness to listen to concerns and adapt if necessary, change can be incorporated into even the most resistant workforce.

Through my work in both the public and private sectors, I have been involved in supporting teams to make changes to the way they work from minor modifications to a completely different way of working.  In all examples, I have worked with those affected, ensuring they understand why the changes are needed, how it will alter what they do, what the end result should be and the timescale involved.  It has always required patience and tact, and also needs a persistent and consistent approach.  With regular ‘temperature checks’ with both those asking for the change and those having to make the change, and a willingness to tweak the plans, success has been achieved quickly and painlessly, and the new practices have been embedded meaning the hard work implementing the change is not ignored once the pressure is off.

I am happy to work with organisations large and small to review whether change is needed, agree what form the change should take and understand what barriers to implementation are likely to be encountered.  You can get on with running your business leaving Fabric to implement the changes needed.

Nature and the business world are full of examples of species and organisations who have failed to change, and therefore become extinct.  Don’t let your business go the same way – embrace change and make it work for you.




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