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This week sees me off to London to support Ultramed (http://www.ultramed.co/) at the Pre Operative Assessment conference in London.  This is a really exciting opportunity for me to help promote this great product which will help revolutionise how pre operative assessments are carried out. 

For those people who have been referred for surgery and have no problematic health issues, half an hour on your laptop or tablet  could save you an extra trip to hospital to fill in all the routine forms necessary.  No longer will you have armful of leaflets, you can access all the latest information through the programme. 

And the best bit of all is that it could save you weeks of waiting for an appointment for these tests meaning your operation could take place much quicker.  We just now have to persuade all those healthcare providers that this is the way forward, not only will it be more cost effective, it will speed up the patient pathway to better health and free up clinical staff to do what they do best – look after their patients instead of filling in extra paperwork! 

As you can no doubt tell – I am very excited by this opportunity.


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