A Time for Reflection?

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The week between Christmas and the New Year can seem a little strange.  Whether you are at work or spending time with friends and family, normal activity is on hold.  This is a perfect time for a bit of reflection, both for your personal and business life. Do you have a clear destination?  Are you… Read more »

What will your resolution be this New Year?

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The story that a Muslim restaurant in London is serving free meals to the homeless and elderly on Christmas Day has been all over the press this week (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/muslim-restaurant-christmas-dinner_us_58465893e4b028b323391b0a), and there is no doubt that this is a wonderful gesture to those most in need.  However, the restaurant has gained immeasurably as a result of… Read more »

Is your work place inspiring your workforce?

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We want our team to be the most productive it can be, but how much time is spent ensuring the working environment is inspiring and welcoming, with employees look forward to coming to work? By investing in the working environment, you are demonstrating as an employer that you care about your team, want them to… Read more »

Working environments of the future

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Recently, I came across an article * from 2011 stating that within 10 years’ workers would be rewarded by results rather than the number of hours employed, have greater choice over where, when and how they worked, and offices would become meeting spaces. We all work differently, and allowing employees control over the way they… Read more »

Environmental Growth Strategy

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It comes as no surprise that environmental protection is having only limited success.  We live in a world that is ever changing, and mankind thrives on progress, so standing still is not an option.  Whilst efforts have been made to protect wildlife, landscapes and ways of life, these continue to be eroded and lost due… Read more »