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Recently, I came across an article * from 2011 stating that within 10 years’ workers would be rewarded by results rather than the number of hours employed, have greater choice over where, when and how they worked, and offices would become meeting spaces.

We all work differently, and allowing employees control over the way they work has been shown to significantly increase output.   For some the early morning provides the best opportunity for clear thinking and productivity, whilst others only come alive as the sun goes down.  Some people like the busy office environment whilst some work better in peaceful surroundings.

 There are many roles which cannot be done this way, and people for whom remote working would not be feasible.  However, by adopting a different approach for those who can and want to work remotely or flexibly, then there are savings to be made.  Less office space is required; there is less pressure on transport and associated environmental concerns, and increased productivity.

 So perhaps in 2017, organisations yet to embrace Flexible Working can review where it could work and move towards enabling some of their workforce to have greater choice.



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