Change is inevitable. Progress is Optional – Tony Robbins

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Change is inevitable - it is how you manage it that makes the difference

One week into the new US Presidency, we have seen a huge amount of change.  Rather cynically, I can’t help but feel that some of this is ‘change for change sake’. Change is a difficult concept – we all accept that change happens, sometimes it is for the good, and sometimes for the worse.  What… Read more »

The power of effective listening

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The Chinese symbol for listening encapsulates all that we need to be a good listener.  This skill is essential in your business and personal life – a good listener will be an amazing salesman or boss and a powerful friend. Be fully present – switch off your phone or TV, drag your mind away from… Read more »

New Year – New Action Plan

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This time of year is a great time to start those many things you have been putting off.  One of those might be addressing the sustainability agenda for your business.  More and more organisations are expecting their suppliers to have a Sustainability Statement and Action Plan. You might think that you are very environmentally friendly,… Read more »