Let’s Do Lunch

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30 years ago, high fliers ‘Power Lunched’.    Even office workers visited the staff canteen.  Today, our high fliers are often lucky to leave their desks at all, and lunch ‘al-desko’ is common. This is not healthy either for the employees or the employers – it encourages an unhealthy lifestyle and inhibits the development of good… Read more »

Are we on the verge of a health revolution?

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With the NHS in crisis, a new way of treating people needs to be found.  GP surgeries across the country are turning to social prescribers – someone who links into community groups, voluntary organisations and local leisure centres and gyms to provide ‘alternative treatments’. The rise in obesity has led to an increase in diabetes,… Read more »

How to get the best out of your team

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Remember when long hours at the office were seen as a badge of power?  Leaving your desk whilst there was still daylight outside was for wimps and breakfast meetings at 6am were common place? Today, there is a trend to a more balanced approach, with employers beginning to see the advantage of giving their employees… Read more »