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I am helping to put man on the moon

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In general, humans are social creatures and thrive best in supportive communities.  We also in the main have a strong work ethic and gain great satisfaction in being productive, even if it is not for financial gain.

SME’s tend to achieve better productivity as there is more connection to the end product – workers feel engaged with the whole process.  Large organisations can replicate this – a great example of this relates to President Kennedy who met a cleaner on his tour of NASA who described his role as ‘Helping to put man on the moon.’

Google regularly change people’s role to prevent ‘silo working’, increase the wider team spirit and create an understanding of everyone’s contribution to the end product.

Whilst we may groan at the thought of ‘Monday morning’, work can be good for us, provide us with social connections and a purpose – a good work environment will foster these, leading to greater satisfaction, loyalty and productivity.


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