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Fabric offers a range of services tailor made to fit your business from administration support through to a full business review or help with the corporate social responsibility or ‘business conscience’ agenda.



I have worked in the hospitality industry for over 30 years as a Senior Manager, Director and Owner Operator in large chains and small independents.  I am passionate about great customer service and helping businesses run efficiently and effectively, whether this involves making better uses of resources or introducing new procedures.

About 7 years ago, I moved to the NHS where I ran the Medical Director’s office before progressing to pursue my interest in sustainability, focussing on reducing the carbon footprint within the NHS and working with colleagues to influence behaviour changes to improve energy efficiency and reduce waste. This has given me an in-depth understanding of the complexities of the healthcare sector, its challenges and opportunities.

I have been involved with a number of charities over the last 35 years as a volunteer, Branch Chairman and Director, and as a Trustee.  My roles in different organisations has enabled me to understand the issues charities face today and how these challenges can be tackled.

Fabric is my opportunity to share my experience and passion for sustainability, customer service and efficiency with other organisations in Cornwall and beyond.  My specialty is in helping organisations address the ‘business conscience’ agenda, whether it is reviewing resource efficiency such as energy, infrastructure and materials, or addressing the social aspects of the workforce and links to the community or ‘for purpose’ sector.



Throughout my career, I have relished the challenge of helping organisations remain competitive and compliant with regulations. I will help you review your business, improve efficiency, analyse your market and ensure you stay ahead of your competition.  Whether your business is at start up stage, looking to grow or consolidate – a fresh pair of eyes and an extra pair of hands could make all the difference.

I can work with you to ensure you make the best use of your resources, whether that is space, manpower, energy or raw materials.

Are you finding it hard to implement changes to your business or organisation?  I have a wealth of experience working with teams and individuals managing change so they can respond to new challenges, customer demand and economic climates.


How I can help

We all need an extra pair of hands from time to time.  I can be that support either as a one off, ad hoc or on an ongoing basis.

Would you appreciate a fresh pair of eyes to review your business?  Are you thinking of making your business more sustainable?  Could you do with someone to help with your administration or management?  All these and more are areas in which I can help.

Choose from a range of services tailor made to fit your business.  You will receive a quality service every time



Fabric will work with you on a one off, adhoc or ongoing basis to improve efficiency, implement new ways of working or make your organisation more sustainable. Fabric will review your processes, suggest improvements and if required project manage the implementation of new systems. You will be consulted and supported throughout the journey.

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