A lot of hot air?

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Today, at long last I received my Smart Meter and now I can see how much energy I am using.  It is a little scary, and I keep switching things on and off to see what difference it makes! This got me thinking about the workplace.  Energy is an easy way of saving money and… Read more »

The value of work

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I am helping to put man on the moon

In general, humans are social creatures and thrive best in supportive communities.  We also in the main have a strong work ethic and gain great satisfaction in being productive, even if it is not for financial gain. SME’s tend to achieve better productivity as there is more connection to the end product – workers feel… Read more »

Let’s Do Lunch

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30 years ago, high fliers ‘Power Lunched’.    Even office workers visited the staff canteen.  Today, our high fliers are often lucky to leave their desks at all, and lunch ‘al-desko’ is common. This is not healthy either for the employees or the employers – it encourages an unhealthy lifestyle and inhibits the development of good… Read more »

Are we on the verge of a health revolution?

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With the NHS in crisis, a new way of treating people needs to be found.  GP surgeries across the country are turning to social prescribers – someone who links into community groups, voluntary organisations and local leisure centres and gyms to provide ‘alternative treatments’. The rise in obesity has led to an increase in diabetes,… Read more »

How to get the best out of your team

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Remember when long hours at the office were seen as a badge of power?  Leaving your desk whilst there was still daylight outside was for wimps and breakfast meetings at 6am were common place? Today, there is a trend to a more balanced approach, with employers beginning to see the advantage of giving their employees… Read more »

Change is inevitable. Progress is Optional – Tony Robbins

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Change is inevitable - it is how you manage it that makes the difference

One week into the new US Presidency, we have seen a huge amount of change.  Rather cynically, I can’t help but feel that some of this is ‘change for change sake’. Change is a difficult concept – we all accept that change happens, sometimes it is for the good, and sometimes for the worse.  What… Read more »

The power of effective listening

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The Chinese symbol for listening encapsulates all that we need to be a good listener.  This skill is essential in your business and personal life – a good listener will be an amazing salesman or boss and a powerful friend. Be fully present – switch off your phone or TV, drag your mind away from… Read more »

New Year – New Action Plan

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This time of year is a great time to start those many things you have been putting off.  One of those might be addressing the sustainability agenda for your business.  More and more organisations are expecting their suppliers to have a Sustainability Statement and Action Plan. You might think that you are very environmentally friendly,… Read more »

A Time for Reflection?

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The week between Christmas and the New Year can seem a little strange.  Whether you are at work or spending time with friends and family, normal activity is on hold.  This is a perfect time for a bit of reflection, both for your personal and business life. Do you have a clear destination?  Are you… Read more »

What will your resolution be this New Year?

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The story that a Muslim restaurant in London is serving free meals to the homeless and elderly on Christmas Day has been all over the press this week (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/muslim-restaurant-christmas-dinner_us_58465893e4b028b323391b0a), and there is no doubt that this is a wonderful gesture to those most in need.  However, the restaurant has gained immeasurably as a result of… Read more »