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Today, at long last I received my Smart Meter and now I can see how much energy I am using.  It is a little scary, and I keep switching things on and off to see what difference it makes! This got me thinking about the workplace.  Energy is an easy way of saving money and… Read more »

In general, humans are social creatures and thrive best in supportive communities.  We also in the main have a strong work ethic and gain great satisfaction in being productive, even if it is not for financial gain. SME’s tend to achieve better productivity as there is more connection to the end product – workers feel… Read more »

30 years ago, high fliers ‘Power Lunched’.    Even office workers visited the staff canteen.  Today, our high fliers are often lucky to leave their desks at all, and lunch ‘al-desko’ is common. This is not healthy either for the employees or the employers – it encourages an unhealthy lifestyle and inhibits the development of good… Read more »

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